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For Boston

My heart is in Boston today, and all my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this senseless attack.

I have no wise words, no deep insights today. Please just join me in thinking and praying for Boston. If you have a race coming up, consider joining the “Runners United to Remember” event and wearing the remembrance bib.  This is not a fundraiser, it’s just a simple act to show support and solidarity with the runners, volunteers, spectators and locals affected in Boston today.

For Boston, for Boston,

we sing our proud refrain

for Boston, for Boston

’tis wisdom’s earthly fame

for here are all one

and our hearts are true

and the towers on the heights

reach the heavens own blue.

for Boston, for Boston

’till the echoes ring again

For Boston, for Boston

thy glory is our own

for Boston, for Boston

’tis here that truth is known

and ever with a right

shall our heirs be found

’till time shall be no more

and thy work is crowned

for Boston, for Boston

thy glory is our own

– T. J. Hurley

(Boston College Fight Song…seemed appropriate today)


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