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Out on the Town

We had a very busy but also lazy weekend. I am finding it hard to get motivated to start working out again since every time I do I end up so sore.  So, I did no physical activity Saturday or Sunday beyond long walks with the dog.  I really need to take some time and figure out when I am going to exercise and just schedule it into my day so I can’t bail.  I’m thinking morning workouts might be the answer.

On Saturday evening, I finally got to meet fellow blogger, Amy and her boyfriend Drew.  I have been reading Amy’s current blog since she started it and read her previous blog since spring of last year.  She was originally supposed to do Timberman as her first half-Ironman also, but unfortunately broke her elbow while out in San Francisco for the Escape from Alcatraz race, so wasn’t able to do it this year.  We had a fabulous Thai dinner in DC followed by a very late night of DC nightlife.  Curtis’s birthday was Sunday, so we had to celebrate!   Amy was the good blogger with the camera, and has  a picture of the two of us posted on her blog.  I would say my first meeting of a blogger in real life was quite the success!



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Anybody out there?

Anybody still out there?  I’m probably completely off anyone’s radar in the blog world.  I have been majorly lacking in motivation to blog lately.  I feel like I have so many things going on, but the truth is that I could make time for it if I wanted to.  I still read every blog in my reader plus some forums every day, but I’ve been slacking in the commenting and in posting.  As I’m getting into my HIM training, I’m really going to need the accountability that the blog offers.  So I’m going to really try to be better about at least recording my daily workouts.  I’m not going force myself to write a long and detailed post everyday right now, because I know myself and that will just give me an excuse NOT to write a post at all.  That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

I had an extremely lazy week last week.  I had exams on Wednesday, which gave me an excuse not to workout in the beginning of the week and then mental exhaustion was my excuse for the end of the week.  Today, I finally managed to drag my butt outside for a 4 mile run with Tara.  It felt good to move again.  The first mile or so was the hardest mentally getting myself to not just walk.  It’s really silly that I know I can run the distance, but I still struggle with mind games when I start runs.  This week I have no excuses for not getting every workout in.  Since classes are over, and I’m only working part time, I have oodles of free time.  Here’s my plan:

Monday: NROLW Stage 6

Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes

Wednesday: Swim 45 minutes; Run 30 minutes

Thursday: Bike 90 minutes; NROLW Stage 6

Friday: Swim 45 minutes; Run 40 minutes

Saturday: Bike 120 minutes

Sunday: Swim 30 minutes; Run 65 minutes

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Lazy Thursday

Well, I failed at working out today.  😦 No excuses, I just didn’t.  Hopefully I will get to fit something in tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure it won’t be swimming as planned though.  My brother graduates from college, so I’ll be with the family for the afternoon and evening.  I might try and get up early and go to the gym to run.

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