About Me

Hi! My name is Kristin. I am a triathlete.

In winter of 2006, during my third year of undergrad, I had the great/crazy idea of doing a sprint triathlon that spring. I began training, mostly in my college gym on the stationary bike and treadmill. Since I have always been a swimmer, I did limited swim training because I knew that there was no way I wouldn’t finish an easy 750m swim! I found a hybrid bike and a surfing wetsuit to borrow, but I didn’t see either till the day before the race. I was undertrained and underprepared, having put very little research into the sport prior to attempting the race. In May, I competed in my first sprint triathlon and finished, not quite last but at the very back of the pack. Despite my placement, I was hooked. I thrived on the energy the morning of the race and lived on the high of finishing for weeks afterward. I knew that I would do it again, but next time, I would definitely be more prepared.

I didn’t end up racing again until a super-sprint early in the 2008 season. After that race, I decided that the next year would be “the year”. I revisited the site of my original foray into the world of triathlon in May 2009 and PR’ed by about 27 minutes! I’ve since taken my training to the next level, and completed my first Olympic distance in September 2009, and my first half-Ironman in August 2010. I finally feel that I’ve made sufficient strides in my endurance and I’m ready to focus on speed, especially on the run. My ultimate goal is to do a full Ironman distance race, but I’m not ready to commit to the training necessary to tackle that challenge quite yet. Other aspects of my life have taken priority over Ironman training, for now.

After graduating from the University of Virginia in 2007, I spent four years working as a computer security engineer before beginning veterinary school. In summer of 2011, my husband, Curtis, and I moved to the midwest with our dog, Tara (also a world-class running buddy!), and cat, Suli. I am now in my second year of vet school and while I find it difficult to find time for triathlon training and balancing my other responsibilities during the school year, running has become an essential part of my life – giving me a much needed outlet from the constant stress of school and studying. I do continue to race in local running events, ranging from 5K to half-marathons. I think I may be able to squeeze in marathon training in the fall of 2013, which will be my next major milestone in my training.

This blog is my place to record my training, race reports, and thoughts on all manners health, fitness, running and triathlon related as I continue to strive to be stronger, to race faster, and to go longer!

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