Two Days in a Row?

My 7.5 mile run yesterday may have been a little ambitious considering the relative lack of training over the last week or so, but I felt surprisingly good today. I’m a little sore in my hips, but no unusual aches or pains, so I’m hoping to jump right back into training where I left it. I’ve been following one of Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon training plans. I like the incorporation of speed work during the week without having to do too many daily miles on week days. My time is pretty limited with school and studying, so it’s nice to only worry about running 3-5 miles on any given week day.  Earlier this winter I was very good about getting up early and running before school, but I had gotten out of the habit after we got hit with a couple of winter storms.  I’m hoping to get back into that schedule when school starts up again next week. With the coming warmer weather, it should be easier to run without worrying about the temperature or killing myself on ice!

Today, I kept with the training schedule and I did an easy 3 mile run to loosen up after my longish run yesterday.  I felt pretty terrible at first, but once I had warmed up and was no longer running into the wind, I settled into a pace that felt good. I am lucky and unlucky that running from home means always running downhill at the end. It’s nice because my stats always look fantastic for the last mile, but it’s a bit misleading. I will try to mix things up a bit tomorrow for the mile repeats I’m supposed to do. One of the hills is almost exactly a mile, so I can combine some hill work and speed work together.

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