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Kansas City Half Marathon Race Report

The good news is, I finished 13.1 and I PR’ed.

I did not hit my goal of 2:00, not even close.

The start of the race was fine, I felt great and had 3 friends and Curtis running with me in the 2:00 pace group. I felt pretty good at the start of the race. The pace felt great, I felt like I was holding back a little. Then I muscled up that first big hill (maybe 3/4 mile and 200 feet of elevation gain?). My heart rate shot up and I started to have a lot of trouble. My legs still felt ok and mentally I wanted to push through it, and I kept trying, but I fell off the 2:00 pace.

I got to about the 9 mile mark and was somewhere between the 2:00 and 2:05 group. That was when I started getting some heart palpitations. It’s not completely unusual for me. I get them sometimes and it seemed like they were getting fewer and farther between, but I’ve never had them while running before. I did have it checked out at one point and the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong, so just chalked it up to caffeine at the time. I stopped for a moment when it felt really bad. It was a little scary, but after I stopped the once I just tried to keep moving to get to the finish. Luckily, since Curtis didn’t finish training properly for the marathon because he was injured earlier this fall, he opted to run the half and stayed with me the whole time. I had to let the 2:05 and then the 2:10 and finally the 2:15 group pass me. Every time I tried to pick up the pace I could feel my heart starting up again, so I guess today was just not my day to meet this goal. I also guess I need to get off to the doctor to have this checked out again. ¬†Final time was 2:16:43, just 7 seconds faster than my time last spring.


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