Beach Day

What a glorious day in Orlando!

I had a very lazy morning and after waking up around 6:30AM, I watched a movie on Netflix, showered, ate breakfast and checked out of the hotel by 9:30AM. I hit the road and drove about an hour to spend the morning at Cocoa Beach. Not having any beach essentials other than a bathing suit and flip flops, I stopped in a souvenir shop an bought a cheap towel and bottle of sunscreen. The nice lady clerk pointed me to a park up the road where I could park for free and I was all set. I lathered up, pulled out my Runners World magazine and relaxed listening to the waves.

I decided to leave relatively early to give myself plenty of time to get lunch, drive about an hour to the airport, fill up and return my rental car and make my 6:15 flight. I stopped at Wendy’s (my number one fast food vice) and entered the line of beach goers. While waiting a boy between 5 and 7 comes out of the men’s room and walks up to the man in front of me and says, in his most serious voice, “Dad, the men’s room is not in good shape.”
He went on, “There were two papers on the floor, there was one plastic on the floor, and THERE IS A PICKLE IN THE URINAL!!”
I about died.
After dawdling over my lunch, it was time to return to Orlando and the airport. I was very early (almost three hours before my flight), so I had plenty of time to drive about and find a gas station. I pulled in to the closest gas station and got out of the car. There hadn’t been any signs posted with the gas prices, so I glanced at the pump display, $5.799. What?!!! Almost $6 per gallon? I had been watching the prices all week and they seemed to all be about $3.57, so I thought there had to be some mistake. I figured the display must be broken or something because there was no way that was for real. I almost ran inside to check with the attendant to make sure it was wrong, but figured I would just put mu card in and see if the actual cost was displayed. Unfortunately, that qas also about the time I realized I had pulled in on the wrong side for my rental car’s gas tank. So, I cancelled the transaction and pulled around to another pump. I thought surely this one would show the actual price. Nope, still $5.799. Since I never got to complete my experiment to see if the gas price was just displaying incorrectly, I put my credit card in again. That’s when I noticed that the precvious person had paid over $60 for only about 10 gallons of gas. At this point I cancelled my transaction and jumped back in the car to figure out what the heck was going on. I checked yelp on my phone and soon learned that this is known to be the most expensive gas station in the nation and always charges at least $2 more than the going rate around town. I also learned that normal priced gas was only about a half mile further down the road. Whew! Glad I didn’t pay that exorbitant amount! The gas station I found was only $3.57 per gallon.
I got to the airport and discovered that I was even earlier than anticipated because my flight was delayed. I ended up sitting in the airport for almost four hours killing time. Thank goodness for Watch Instantly on Netflix and smartphones!
Never travel with me. I have crazy travel luck.

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