As Expected

The scale was back in the range I expected this morning. I made a few changes to my eating plans for yesterday, but still hit my goal range for calories and macronutrient ratios. Today was a success too, but I was hungry through the early afternoon. My breakfast and morning snack were identical to yesterday, except I had a cup of green tea yesterday. Maybe the small amount of caffeine suppressed my appetite yesterday? Or perhaps it was the timing of my meals? I had my usual big salad for dinner instead of lunch today, so that could have contributed as well. Total calories for today were 1720.

Tomorrow I have an early morning to get to class, so apologies for the late stream of consciousness post. It’s late, I’m tired and I’m not even really sure why I’m posting instead of sleeping. My class is public speaking and I am giving my last speech of the semester, so it’s probably nerves keeping me up. I can’t wait for this class to be over! It’s the last requirement to complete before starting veterinary school in the fall! Woohoo!

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