False Alarm and Feeling Great

My shoulder pain seems to have been a false alarm.  It was still a bit sore this morning, but no worse than normal lifting pain.  I must have just slightly pulled or strained something to make it so painful yesterday.  Needless to say, I am very relieved.  I think I might work in a few isolation exercises to work my rotator cuffs now that I’m lifting again.  I don’t want to risk a real injury to my shoulder!

After work today, I took a detour to go suit shopping and found one that fits perfectly for my interview (check that off my goals list!).  I’m actually getting pretty nervous about this interview.  I have been thinking about going to veterinary school for so long and really this is the first time I’ve had good news after applying (I applied once before in 2008).  I’m planning on spending Friday reviewing my application and doing other preparation for the interview.  Then when Curtis gets home for work, we’re going to do some practice interviewing.  I just need to remember to take a deep breath and pause a moment to collect my thoughts before jumping into answering questions.  I have a habit of starting to talk before I know what I’m going to say and sometimes it can be hard to recover from that. :-/

I did my first run of the week today with Tara.  We ran just over 4 miles and I felt fantastic.  I eased into it and kept my pace very slow in the beginning.  By the end of the run, I felt like I still had tons of energy left and picked it up a bit to finish up.  I’m amazed that I actually am able to just pick up running after such sporadic running and working out throughout the fall.  And quite pleased!  I finally feel like a runner.  🙂  Even in just a few days, I’ve noticed that I’m gaining back my fitness much faster than I expected.  I guess it’s true that muscles really do have memory.


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