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Home Again, Home Again

It’s 7:32 AM and I am checking in from the Salt Lake City Airport.  After a week of skiing, I am exhausted and ready to get home and prepare for my last semester of classes before beginning veterinary school!!!  I did not set any goals for this week other than to relax and enjoy my skiing vacation.  I definitely did both of those things!  I also wanted to work on my skiing skills a bit, which I did although I think I peaked on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Curtis and I spent the morning skiing by ourselves and searching for any remnants of powder left from the snowstorm earlier this week.  At lunch, we met up with some of his grandfather’s friends and we learned that some more slopes had opened, so we headed to those after lunch.  First we visited Ballroom, and after a pretty long traverse, we found a good spot to drop in.  I had a blast skiing it!  After Ballroom, we heard the High T(raverse) was opened so we headed over there.  I opted not to join the group after a very serious talk from the ski patroler about the tough conditions on that part of the mountain.  Really, the conditions all over the mountain were quite tough this week because of the rain on Sunday, which caused a very hard icy layer under the snow on top. I’m the weakest skier of the bunch and by that time I was pretty tired and didn’t find it worth it to beat myself up trying to keep up.

All in all it was a great week of skiing and I can’t wait for next year!  I’m glad I had done some lifting (squats and lunges!) prior to the trip because I didn’t have any problems with soreness or feeling weak like I have in the past. I think I’d like to have a little more cardio under my belt for next year for the hiking and traversing, though!


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Packing and Skip the Run

Well, I ended up skipping the run today in favor of preparing for my interview.  I spent the whole morning reviewing my application, reading about current events and researching the school.  I think I am ready.  I have my suit, my itinerary information is printed and I’m packed to go.  I’m nervous as can be, but I think I’m prepared.  I guess we’ll see what happens!

I decided not to pack workout clothes to take with me in the interest of saving some space.  I may regret it, but if I decide to do something I figure I can do body weight exercises or yoga in my hotel room without needing my running shoes.  I don’t mind taking the weekend off.

Wish me luck!

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Strength Loss

Woohoo!  Another day of goals being met.  I really think that writing them down and keeping them in my planner, which I obsessively examine every day, has helped tremendously in keeping them on the brain.  I took the time to make myself some perfect scrambled eggs this morning and ate them with a piece of my mom’s zucchini bread.  She makes the best zucchini bread ever, and we had just a little end leftover from the holidays for me to enjoy.  I’m always tempted to make her recipe, but I’m afraid I won’t do it justice, so I’ve never gone through with it.  She does not skimp on the spices, which I love, and it’s very moist and just melts in your mouth.  Yummy!

This morning, I also managed to pack my bag to go to the gym today directly after work. There were no stops on the way today! I went straight to the gym and did my NROLW Stage 1 workout B routine.

A. Deadlift – 2 sets of 15 @ 75 pounds barbell with 60s RI

B1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 2 sets of 15 @ 15 pounds dumbbells with 60s RI

B2. Wide grip lat pulldown – 2 sets of 15 @ 55 pounds (?) with 60s RI

C1. Lunge – 2 sets of 15 @ 20 pounds dumbbells with 60s RI

C2. Swiss Ball Crunch – 2 sets of 8 @ BW with 60s RI

The question mark on the wide grip lat pulldown is because the plates were marked 27.5, but it’s a new cable machine with double cables and I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t only 27.5 pounds total.  Since last time I did this workout last week, I lifted 55 pounds, I’m pretty sure that’s what it was this time.  The double cables must double the plate value?  I’ll have to ask one of the trainers next time I see one wandering around.  Today they were all busy with clients, and I didn’t want to interrupt.

For the Swiss Ball Crunch, I really should add a plate of weight.  I did them with a very slow lowering phase today in order to make them a bit more difficult, and I actually ended up doing extras by accident.  Next time I need to remember to add a weight plate to make them a bit tougher.

You can see how much strength I’ve lost on the deadlifts – I was deadlifting 100+ pounds when I stopped lifting early last year.  I’m pretty confident I will gain the strength back fairly quickly, but it’s kind of disheartening to see.  It definitely made me realize that I need to always keep some sort of maintenance lifting program as part of my training even if I feel like I don’t have time.

I’m going to try and do an easy run tomorrow.  I don’t think I’ll be able to fit in another lifting day this week since I’ll be traveling Saturday – Monday.  I expect to be able to blog throughout the weekend, so I should be able to check in and update on the outcome of my interview (Sunday).  But on the off-chance that I’m too busy over the next few days (unlikely), I’ll definitely update on Monday with a goals check-in from this week and updated goals for next week.  This week’s focus was clearly getting my butt back to the gym and begin getting back in the habit of workout out regularly.  Next week’s focus is going to be getting my diet back on track.  I’ve done a little of that this week, but afternoon snacking has been a little out of control.  I need to make a plan to handle that.

Have a great Friday!

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False Alarm and Feeling Great

My shoulder pain seems to have been a false alarm.  It was still a bit sore this morning, but no worse than normal lifting pain.  I must have just slightly pulled or strained something to make it so painful yesterday.  Needless to say, I am very relieved.  I think I might work in a few isolation exercises to work my rotator cuffs now that I’m lifting again.  I don’t want to risk a real injury to my shoulder!

After work today, I took a detour to go suit shopping and found one that fits perfectly for my interview (check that off my goals list!).  I’m actually getting pretty nervous about this interview.  I have been thinking about going to veterinary school for so long and really this is the first time I’ve had good news after applying (I applied once before in 2008).  I’m planning on spending Friday reviewing my application and doing other preparation for the interview.  Then when Curtis gets home for work, we’re going to do some practice interviewing.  I just need to remember to take a deep breath and pause a moment to collect my thoughts before jumping into answering questions.  I have a habit of starting to talk before I know what I’m going to say and sometimes it can be hard to recover from that. :-/

I did my first run of the week today with Tara.  We ran just over 4 miles and I felt fantastic.  I eased into it and kept my pace very slow in the beginning.  By the end of the run, I felt like I still had tons of energy left and picked it up a bit to finish up.  I’m amazed that I actually am able to just pick up running after such sporadic running and working out throughout the fall.  And quite pleased!  I finally feel like a runner.  🙂  Even in just a few days, I’ve noticed that I’m gaining back my fitness much faster than I expected.  I guess it’s true that muscles really do have memory.

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Uh oh – an injury?

Today started off with a wonderfully relaxed morning of getting ready for work including time to make blueberry waffles with my new Christmas waffle iron!  I even packed my bag to go straight to the gym after work (goal – check!).

Things took a turn when at work today, I realized that I had to send transcripts from the fall semester in to one of the schools by tomorrow! Eeek!  Cue crazy stressed out moment.  Fortunately, I was able to run straight to school to get sealed copies of my transcripts and express mail them for delivery by tomorrow at 3:00PM.  Phew.

I’m finally on my way to the gym an hour an a half later than intended due to my little detour and I realize that my shoulder has started hurting.  I have no clue what I did to it.  It’s not your typical soreness from lifting, and it’s kind of on the back of my shoulder.  Despite my years and years of swimming, I have never had a shoulder injury and I’m a little nervous about it.  I stretched it out really well and decided to lift anyways, it didn’t hurt during any of my moves (NROLW Stage 1 workout A), so that’s promising.  It mostly hurts when I lift my arm straight over my head.  Fingers crossed that’s just some intense DOMS from lifting on Sunday and it’s better soon.

I did manage to increase my weights today, so I think I’m getting some of my strength back!  I hope this trend continues.

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Being Flexible

This morning I slept until 7:30, which is much later than intended.  Despite that, I did do about 15 minutes of yoga before work.  I’ll do another 15 minutes later this week- probably Wednesday morning.  My physical flexibility is nearly nonexistent at the moment.  My hamstrings are especially tight, so yoga seems to be just what the doctor ordered.  I really need some new yoga dvds.  I used to have one that I really liked, and I still have the case, but I cannot find the disc anywhere.  I have been using the free videos on demand on exercise tv, but I haven’t found any programs that I really love yet.  Does anyone have any recommendations for DVDs?

When I got home from work this afternoon, I had every intention of going for my run with Tara.  What I didn’t plan on, was the fact that ALL of my workout clothes were in the laundry.  I decided that I would do laundry instead, go grocery shopping for the rest of the week and have a relaxing evening instead.  I played with Tara and did some training with her too (she’s learning to roll over!).

I met my goal of making dinner tonight!  I baked salmon wrapped in foil with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, white wine, salt, pepper, chili powder, lemon juice and fresh basil.  It was delicious!  We had cous cous on the side, and I’m going to use the leftovers to make cous cous salad.  Curtis and I went grocery shopping together today, so we’ve got good stuff for the rest of the week.  We are going to a friend’s house for dinner on Wednesday, so I’m only going to be able to cook at home Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week, but that’s no biggie.  We actually have a dinner group with some of his coworkers and get together once or twice a month, each time at a different person’s house.  We hosted it first, way back over the summer, and it will be looping back to us in either February or March.  We always have a great time and get to try some new delicious food.  Many of us use it as an opportunity to try a new recipe on a bunch of willing guinea pigs. 🙂

Tomorrow is a lifting day, so I’ll be packing a bag to go to the gym directly after work.  Perhaps I will run on the track while I’m there too.



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Goals for January: Week 1

Today is the last day of vacation for me before going back to work.  I went to the gym this afternoon and did a NROLW workout.  I haven’t mentioned it, but our gym is being completely renovated and is a disaster area right now, in fact all but two of the treadmills that I have seen are in pieces and stored in a squash court!  On the plus side, the weight room has been completely revamped and moved to a bigger space (the former basketball courts) and all the equipment has been replaced.  There are two new squat racks, all new dumbbells and tons of new machines.  I haven’t figured out where everything is yet, but there seems to be ample supply of everything, including several new cable machines.  I can’t wait till the renovations are completed, it’s really going to be fantastic!

After getting back from the gym, I took Tara for an hour long walk.  I only intended to take her for a short walk, but she was being really good and there was no one else around, so I took advantage of the quiet and just kept going.  I really should have turned it into a run, but it was nice to just walk after the weight workout this morning.  I have really lost a tremendous amount of strength, so even going back to my starting weights is tough.  I’ve been quite sore the past few days.  I think my body will adjust fairly quickly, and regain recovery ability.  I’m hoping a yoga session tomorrow morning will help.  Even though I’m dreading the early wake up call to go back to work after a week and a half off, I’m planning to do 20-30 minutes of yoga before I leave the house.  It should loosen me up a bit, my quads and hamstrings are especially tight right now.  After work, I’ll take Tara for a short run as long as it is not raining.

My goals for this week and month are still in the development phase (read: I haven’t thought about them much till this moment), so I reserve the right to modify these a bit over the next couple of days.

Goals for January 3 – 9, 2011

1. Do at least two NROLW workouts and three if I can fit it in

2. Run three times of at least 3 miles each

3. Pack a bag to go to the gym after work on Tuesday and Thursday

4. Buy a new suit for my interview for veterinary school next weekend

5. Blog at least three times

6. Cook dinner Monday through Thursday

7. Research and preparation for my interview

I think that will do it for this week.  I completely forgot my interview is next weekend!! I’ll be traveling Saturday through Monday, and I’m sure I’ll be very nervous and stressed toward the end of the week, so apologies in advance if I disappear for a short bit.  I’m going to keep details of where I’m interviewing off the blog for now, but I’ll update when I hear final decisions on all the schools if I am accepted.

Goals for January

1. Rework my training plan through June planning around the Charlottesville Half-Marathon and Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon and register for both of these races if feasible (SML Sprint Tri may not work with exams for classes next semester)

2. Update personal paperwork and register for classes for the spring semester

3. Cook healthy dinners on at least 10 week nights

4. Do 30 minutes of yoga each week

5. Try one new recipe this month

I’m going to try something new with my goals so that I don’t forget about them and just throw them out the window.  My plan is to write them down and stick them in my planner ala Goals for the Week so that I see them every day.  Have a great week!

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Happy New Year 2011!

I can’t believe I’ve let over two months go by without blogging a single word!  I must admit, I was a bit ambitious with my training plans for the end of the year.  Between working, taking classes and home life, I found it increasingly difficult to schedule workouts into my days as the end of the semester approached.  Taking three lab classes was probably not my brightest idea ever.  I had homework for each class every week and it took up a lot of the time I would normally spend training and blogging.  Such is life.

Now that classes are over and I’m planning to take a much lighter load in the spring semester, I will have a bit more leisure time to devote to training.  I am scrapping the posted training plan and rewriting it as I can not possibly run 11 miles tomorrow as planned and I didn’t start lifting again back in October as planned either.  While I’m a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to get back into the training game when I intended to, I am not beating myself up over it.  I made school my priority and I know that it was the right decision for me in the long run.  Speaking of school, I’m still in the middle of the application process for veterinary school and I’ve heard back from two schools – one I have an interview next weekend and the other I did not get in to.  I’m still waiting to hear on two others.  If I get good news, we’ll be moving some time this summer, so I can’t commit to any fall races.  Also, I have no idea what kind of time I’ll have if I am back in school full time next fall!

Despite having a very busy end of the year, I had a pretty eventful 2010.  I finished both my first half-marathon and then my first half-Ironman. 🙂  I also decided that I’m not ready to take on the challenge of training for a full Ironman any time soon, but that I will do it some day.  I didn’t accomplish the majority of the goals I set last January, but I’m ok with that.  I did accomplish the two most important to me – to finish the two half races.  I’m not big on resolutions, but I do usually set goals for the year.  I’m not quite ready to set goals for the whole year since so much is unknown about where I will be and what I’ll be doing, but I’ll try and set goals for the month or maybe even each week to keep me accountable and moving forward.

I do still want to do the Charlottesville Half-Marathon again and training started today.  I actually ran a few miles today and it is really nice to feel like an active person again!  The weather was perfect for running too.  I was spoiled with 50 degrees and overcast – just chilly enough to be completely comfortable for the entire run.  I also did a NROLW workout on Thursday and skied at the beginning of the week (Monday and Tuesday).  Prior to that I took a short run on Christmas Eve.  I’m going to kind of play by ear for the next week or so.  I’d like to get back into regular lifting workouts and work my running mileage up as quickly as is safe.  I felt pretty good today, so I don’t think it’ll take long to work up to doing 5-6 miles regularly as my base runs.

More coming tomorrow on my goals for this coming week and for the month of January.

Happy New Year!

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