Back to the Weight Room

After Timberman, I had one week of absolutely zero physical activity other than reflecting on the race. I could hardly walk the first three days, so it was not difficult to make exercise the lowest priority of my life. By the end of the week though, I started itching for something. I knew Curtis wanted to do some running races this fall, but I couldn’t get very excited about more run training, so decided I would start lifting again and do the New Rules of Lifting for Women program from the beginning.

The last time I didn’t complete the program because I was overwhelmed with HIM training, but this time I am determined to see it through. So I sat down and scheduled all my workouts. I decided to start on Tuesday, and the whole program would take me through the end of March. That is with doing 3 weight sessions per week and a rest week in between each stage.

Well, starting this only a week and a half after Timberman may have been a bit ambitious. I did stage 1, workout A last Tuesday and I was in pain the rest of the week. I used to squat ~110 pounds. On Tuesday I barely made it through my sets with 65 pounds. I’m sure that it was a combination of some strength loss and the fact that I was still recovering from the race, but wow! An unexpected day in the weight room!

After that workout I decided to put things on the back burner again for another week. Clearly my body isn’t bouncing back as quickly as usual and there’s no point in pushing for an off season injury. I’ll try again with the weights this week some time. I’m thinking some run intervals and speed work may be on the agenda soon too.

Anyone have good sources for short run speed workouts?



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