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Fabulous Training Week

Usually I am horrible about following through on working out while on vacation, but this time I was actually good!  I had a fabulous week at the beach and actually managed to complete the majority of my workouts.  I planned to have my travel days as rest days, which meant both Sunday the 4th and today were supposed to be rest days.  It was quite different training at the beach than here because it’s so flat.  It was actually surprisingly difficult, especially during cycling, to not have any downhill “rests.”  I also didn’t complete my swim workouts formally as I intended, but I spent a ton of time in the water paddling around, so I don’t mind so much.

Anyways, Monday was a 90 minute run and spending several hours in the ocean boogie boarding and body surfing.  We ran around the closest neighborhood with a loop and took almost every left turn in order to add on as much time and distance as possible.  I completely forgot that I had recently downloaded an app on my iPhone to track my distance and speed, so I have no clue how long the run was, but I would guess about 8 miles.

Tuesday was a 90 minute bike ride, which was much tougher than I expected considering it was completely flat.  There’s really only one road (route 12) that makes sense to do long rides, so I rode south to avoid some traffic.  The paving was not nearly as smooth as the bike trail I’m used to and there was a fair amount of debris in the road to avoid.  I stayed as far right on the shoulder as possible and didn’t have much trouble with the cars and trucks passing, thankfully.  There was a fair amount of wind, which added to the difficulty also.  It was basically like a trainer ride with extra resistance from the wind blowing in my face.

Wednesday was a 55 minute run in blistering heat and humidity.  It ended up being about 5.6 miles total including an additional 10 minutes of warm-up and cool down.  I actually remembered to bring my iPhone!  It did a pretty good job of tracking our route, which was cool to look at afterward.  I’ll have to play around with it a bit more and see if I can post the data directly here.  Later that evening I spent a ton of time swimming around with my fins because the water was surprisingly crystal clear.  There was at least 10 feet of visibility, which is incredibly unusual!

Thursday was another bike ride.  It was supposed to be a two hour ride, but I cut it short to one hour because I forgot my water and it was much too hot to be riding for any extended period of time without hydrating.  Nothing too notable about the ride, I did the same route as Tuesday.

Friday was another run for 50 minutes and was quite refreshing as it was raining for the whole run to cool us off.  I don’t have the distance for this run either, since it was raining I didn’t want to bring my phone along.

Saturday was supposed to be another bike ride, but I opted out of it.  It was our last day there and on top of the fact I hadn’t washed my bike or tri shorts to be ready, it was very hot, I woke up late and I had no desire to spend a 3+ hours riding when I could be spending the last of my time on the beach.

I really enjoyed my runs this week, I felt much better than I have recently.  Also, Curtis came with me for all of them!  I used to hate running with other people, but I’ve really learned to like company during my runs.  I’m still abysmally slow, but I feel much stronger now and I suppose I’m just overall more confident.  🙂

I think I will move my training schedule around a bit this week to fit in my long bike on Tuesday.  I’m hoping to get in a long run tomorrow.

Now it’s time to go and eat dinner with Curtis, who is treating me to a homemade Indian meal.  Yum!