Home again, home again!  We had a fabulous trip to New York City this weekend to celebrate our first anniversary, and spent our time doing all the touristy things in Manhattan.  It was a blast!  Training definitely got put on the back burner, despite my good intentions of getting in some running.  I even solicited advice from fellow triathlete Amy for locations to run in the city, but didn’t end up following through with that.  I don’t actually feel bad about missing the workouts much at all.  Last week was a lighter week in my training plan for resting, so it wasn’t as crucial to get all the miles in.  We did walk a TON, however, so at least I wasn’t sitting around from Friday to Monday eating bonbons.  🙂

We got back yesterday afternoon, but Mondays are usually rest days for me, so I did not have a planned workout.  It was probably a good thing to give myself a day of recovery from the weekend!  My body does not seem to travel well and unfortunately I had to deal with frequent headaches and stomachaches during our trip.  I think the sun caused the headaches- I forgot to bring sunglasses and didn’t want to buy any so spent a lot of time dealing with the brightness.  And I’m not sure what was up with my stomach, but I’m thinking it might have been a combination of the water and my (lack of an) eating schedule.  Lessons learned.

Today was back to the grindstone.  After work and a bit of decompression time, I headed out for a 2 hour bike ride.  It ended up being about 30 miles I think.  It was blazing hot outside, even the wind and breezes didn’t help cool off.  Someone (can’t remember who, sorry!) recently wrote about a similar bike ride and how the wind felt like a blow drier in their face.  I can now relate.  I was supposed to do 2x 15 minutes at race pace after an hour warm-up.  I only did one 15 minute race pace effort.  Other areas of the trail were just not very conducive to doing that length of uninterrupted effort.  And, since I still haven’t replaced my bike computer, I really just guessed on my pace also.  I really need to take my bike in to the shop to be tuned up or sit down and take a look at it myself.  It’s doing a lot of what I call “ghost shifting” (technical term?) and it drives me nuts.  There’s got to be a way to fix that.  Anyone have any suggestions?

After returning home, I ran inside long enough to stow my bike, use the bathroom, change shoes, and grab the dog before heading out for a very short brick run.  It was supposed to be 15 minutes, but I walked about half.  No real reason for the walking, I should have been able to run the whole thing.

Oh!  I almost forgot, Curtis’s anniversary gift to me was two books, Going Long by Joe Friel and Gordon Byrn and Sports Nutrition For Endurance Athletes by Monique Ryan.  I’m really excited to read both of them, especially the nutrition book because I know I really need to learn a lot in that area.  He’s so thoughtful!  Thanks, Curtis!

  1. #1 by Amy on June 23, 2010 - 2:04 pm

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the Big Apple! You’re so funny about the sunglasses. I’m sure you could have gotten a pair for $5 on the street! I’m interested to hear what you think about the books. Let me know what you think!

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