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35 Miles

Well my week didn’t end quite so well as it started.  I missed three days of training, ugh!  No sense in looking backwards though, I’m going to focus on doing better this week.  Only 12 weeks to go before Timberman!  Eek!  The time is really flying by and I’m not sure I’m going to be ready.

I did get my bike ride in today.  I rode 35 miles in 2.5 hours.  I’m not breaking any records, but I’m pleased with that.  I rode west on the bike trail and was surprised that there weren’t more people out.  There were many times that I was completely alone on the trail.  Maybe everyone was avoiding the heat?  Or away for the holiday weekend?  Who knows.  I enjoyed the solitude.  I saw two separate dogs off-leash with no owners in sight.  I hope they weren’t lost!  I checked craigslist when I got home to see if there were any lost dog posts for dogs of their description, but didn’t see anything.  I also saw an enormous snake trying to cross the path.  He was just slithering along, I hope he made it and didn’t cause any cyclists to crash.

I think tomorrow is a running and swimming day, but I can’t remember what my plan says.  I’ll check back tomorrow with what I end up doing.

Happy Memorial Day!


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Keep On Keeping On

This has been quite a week.  I’m trying to really make an effort to do all my training workouts and so far so good.  Granted, we’re only three days into the week (one of those being a rest day), but I feel good about my new-found resolve.  Yesterday I went to the gym after work and did NROLW Stage 6 workout A.  Essentially, I’m starting Stage 6 all over again since I took a hiatus.  I’m glad I restarted because I am SORE today.  I did negative chin-ups, underhand grip lat pulldowns (@90 lbs), split squats (@95 lbs), and push-ups.  It was a short workout, but quite challenging.  After I finished lifting I came home and set up my bike on the trainer for a 75 minute ride.  I really need to replace my bike computer.  If you’ve been following for awhile, you’ll know that it was stolen at my last tri last season (Nation’s Tri).  I haven’t replaced it yet, but I really need to so I can monitor my cadence and distance, especially for indoor rides.  I must admit, I do love the convenience of being able to ride right in my own house, even if it does get a bit boring riding on the trainer.

Today I had every intention of going to the gym or running before work, but of course that didn’t happen.  I ended up not going until later this evening because  spent most of the day at my parents’ house.  My mom had surgery on Monday and is recovering well, but I went over to help out during the day in case she needed anything.  I went to the gym after I left and ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes.  I slacked on the treadmill and jogged pretty slowly.  I’m pretty sore from lifting yesterday and none of my limbs wanted to work right.  My arms are especially stiff.  After my slow run, I went to the locker room to shower and prepare for a swim.  I did a swimplan workout, which I actually shortened to 2000 yards, which I finished in 45 minutes.  I did 4x 100 freestyle with 15 seconds rest, followed by 6 sets of 50 yards long dog drill and 50 yards single arm drill with 10 seconds rest after each 50.  The core part of the workout was supposed to be 16x 100 freestyle, which I actually cut into 8x 100 freestyle with 15 seconds rest and used fins for the first 400 yards.  I finished up with a cooldown of 2x 50 freestyle and 2x 50 backstroke.  Those drills took a long time to complete.

Tomorrow is another lifting and biking day.  I’d like to ride outside, but the forecast is calling for storms and ridiculously hot temps (90+), so I may end up on the trainer.

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Rest day

This Monday was for resting!  I think I’ve got a bike ride on tap for tomorrow and my first day re-starting the New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROLW) Stage 6 workouts.  I think my best bet at being successful in doing this will be to go directly to the gym after work and then do the bike ride as soon as I get home from the gym.

I was going to try and write a decent post tonight, but sometimes life gets in the way and it is now almost 11pm and I need to get to bed.  Sleep comes first, but I’ll try to write a real post sometime this week.

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Excuses, excuses

I’m already failing at this posting every day business.  Probably because I didn’t want to fess up that I didn’t do anything yesterday.  My (bad) excuse was that I had no clean workout clothes and my bathing suits are too old and worn.  Both of which are actually true (seriously, my two workout bathing suits are completely see-through), but still poor excuses.  I could have done the laundry on Tuesday night to be read for Wednesday…but I didn’t.  I made myself go for a run today, just a short 30 minute run on the paths around my town.  I took the dog with me, and she seemed to have a good time.  I was hurting for the first 10-15 minutes, I had a twinge of weird knee pain that I’ve never felt before, but it went away so nothing worrisome.  Since I don’t have to work tomorrow, I’ll be able to bike and hopefully make a trip out to buy a new bathing suit so I can’t use that as an excuse to not swim.


Trainer ride

I actually managed to get my act together and get done everything I needed to today.  I vacuumed, cooked and rode my bike on the trainer for 60 minutes.  I didn’t make it to the gym for a NROLW workout, so I did an on demand pilates core workout instead.  I think I’m going to re-start Stage 6 of NROLW next week because I’ve been so sporadic about doing it lately.  I’ll try to be more interesting as I continue to make updates, but for now I’m just trying to get back in the habit of blogging on a daily basis.  Enjoy the rest of the week!!

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Off to a slow start…

I didn’t make it to the gym to lift today, but luckily today was actually originally scheduled to be a rest day so I don’t mind missing the workout so much.  I just added it to today yesterday because I felt silly taking a rest day when I had hardly worked out all week.  I had Tara’s agility training class tonight, which is the reason I made this a rest day in the first place.  Look for an update tomorrow of my bike trainer ride (it’s going to be raining, ick!) and a NROLW workout.

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Anybody out there?

Anybody still out there?  I’m probably completely off anyone’s radar in the blog world.  I have been majorly lacking in motivation to blog lately.  I feel like I have so many things going on, but the truth is that I could make time for it if I wanted to.  I still read every blog in my reader plus some forums every day, but I’ve been slacking in the commenting and in posting.  As I’m getting into my HIM training, I’m really going to need the accountability that the blog offers.  So I’m going to really try to be better about at least recording my daily workouts.  I’m not going force myself to write a long and detailed post everyday right now, because I know myself and that will just give me an excuse NOT to write a post at all.  That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

I had an extremely lazy week last week.  I had exams on Wednesday, which gave me an excuse not to workout in the beginning of the week and then mental exhaustion was my excuse for the end of the week.  Today, I finally managed to drag my butt outside for a 4 mile run with Tara.  It felt good to move again.  The first mile or so was the hardest mentally getting myself to not just walk.  It’s really silly that I know I can run the distance, but I still struggle with mind games when I start runs.  This week I have no excuses for not getting every workout in.  Since classes are over, and I’m only working part time, I have oodles of free time.  Here’s my plan:

Monday: NROLW Stage 6

Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes

Wednesday: Swim 45 minutes; Run 30 minutes

Thursday: Bike 90 minutes; NROLW Stage 6

Friday: Swim 45 minutes; Run 40 minutes

Saturday: Bike 120 minutes

Sunday: Swim 30 minutes; Run 65 minutes

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