Goals, goals, goals

Obviously, I haven’t posted anything since before we went skiing last weekend.  I haven’t been that busy, but clearly haven’t made the time for blogging.  I’m finding I don’t have as much free time as I thought I would with my part-time class/part-time work schedule.  Granted, I do like the 3-day weekends from work, but I haven’t gotten to take advantage of them too much so far.  With snow and other things going on, I’ve stayed busy.  Not to worry, though!  I’m still training and keeping up with my training plan as much as I can.  This weekend was a bit of a bust because of the 2 feet of snow we got, so I had to skip my 9 mile run on Sunday and I am not inclined to be driving around too much right now so I doubt I’ll get my weights in tonight.  But if all goes as planned, I’m thinking this coming weekend is going to be my first 10 mile run ever!  Of course, it’s entirely dependent on the weather.  This snow situation is crazy!

I’m a little late on my goal check-in and updates for February, but better late than never, right?

Yearly goals:

1. Set monthly goals on the first of every month and check-in on progress on the last day of every month. Oops…already off to a bad start.  I’m over a week late.
2. Complete a half-Ironman triathlon (signed up for Ironman 70.3 Timberman on August 22, 2010). Registered and reserved a room.  Training to begin in April.
3. Complete 2 sprint or Olympic distance triathlons as part of the Virginia Triathlon Series. Probably going to do Smith Mountain Lake Sprint and unsure what the other will be.
4. Do a half-marathon (signed up for the Charlottesville half-Marathon on April 17, 2010). Registered and in-training!
5. Complete one training run of 20 miles. Not close yet, 10 miles is my first milestone to hopefully happen on Feb. 14.
6. Try one new workout class at the gym for a month. Not yet, would like to try spin or a yoga class.

January goals:

1. Run a total of 80 miles by the end of the month. Nope, not even close.  Only made it to ~50 miles.
2. Run 3-4 times per week, no more and no less. Nope, there were many weeks of only 2 runs.
3. Use my new bike trainer at least twice. Not this one either, I didn’t even use it once!
4. Join a local running or triathlon club, or both. Nope.

Clearly, major fail last month on goals!  I guess I need to re-think for February and maybe take a step back.  The weather has not been helping much at all, that’s for sure.  So, I’m going to follow the same themes as last month, but modify these goals a bit so that they are actually attainable.  It’s kind of disappointing to have not met even one goal!  So without further adieu…

February goals:

1. Run a total of 60 miles by the end of the month. (Exercise tracker should reach 110 miles).

2. Workout (weights/running/cross training) at least 4 times per week.

3. Use bike trainer atast once!

4. Focus on nutrition this month by counting calories for one continuous week, starting 2/15/2010.

5. Go on one of the running club runs or join the triathlon club.

6. Blog more than once a week!

I really could have joined the running club or tri club last month.  For some reason, it’s seems so far out of my comfort zone, even though it shouldn’t be.


  1. #1 by Anne Marie on February 9, 2010 - 1:09 am

    Hey there, found your blog via google alerts. Like your jan/feb goals. I do the same and also set weekly goals which I have found help.
    Go tri’s!;-0

  2. #2 by Amy on February 9, 2010 - 11:45 am

    Yikes on the 10 miles (and on Valentine’s Day!)! I just did 9 this morning, which seemed like a major accomplishment. Good luck with the bike trainer. I think your goal situation on that one is the exact reason I couldn’t bite the bullet to buy one myself…

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