Making it up as I go along…

I have gotten a little off-track with my training plan, but I’m hoping by tomorrow I can get back to normal.  Curtis was away at the end of last week and over the weekend, so my schedule was a little helter skelter from that, not to mention my classes started on Wednesday, so I had to adjust to that as well.  I intended to run fairly early on Friday, either in the morning or right after class, but it didn’t work out.  I slept in and had forgotten a friend was coming over after class.  After she left, I ended up reading for awhile and then falling asleep for a couple of hours.  By the time I woke up, it was 5:00 PM!  I decided to go to the gym and run on the treadmill.  I did 5 miles then 4 pickups for a total of 5.95 miles with the walking and cooldown included.  The pickups were done for 30 seconds each at 9 mph.  I did not run on Saturday because again I fell asleep in the afternoon when I planned to run and by the time I woke up it was dark and since my gym closes early, I decided to forego it.

Today, I had a 10K course plotted out and brought along a cue sheet with me so I could do my practice 10K.  Unfortunately, one of the turns did not seem to exist.  I think what I had seen on the map appeared to be an intersection, but was not.  I ended up just backtracking and picking some trail routes that I hadn’t run before and tried to make up the lost distance.  Around the point I hit the dead-end, I also lost my cue sheet.  I figured I’d just try to guess-timate 6.2 miles.  I felt pretty good throughout the whole run, never got tired or winded so I think my pace was pretty good.  I forgot to put on my watch though, so I have no idea what that pace was!  Clearly, I was a very disorganized runner today.  It turns out, the course I ran was 6.14 miles, so pretty close to the 10K I was aiming for!

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to get my act together and run in the morning since it’s just a short recovery run.

I made myself one of Susan’s breakfast cookies for tomorrow to get back on track with my nutrition.  I need to go grocery shopping, though, so I don’t have snacks or lunch packed yet.  I’m still trying to figure out what to do about those for tomorrow.


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  1. #1 by Amy on January 25, 2010 - 10:38 am

    Nice run! I had to just guess a bit myself this weekend while running outside, so I know what that feels like. You’ll get back with the nutrition. I actually just tried making a green monster for the first time this weekend … they’re delicious! You should definitely try those out if you haven’t already.

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