I almost broke my oath to post tonight!  I decided that since I lifted AND ran yesterday, I could take today off from training and do my run tomorrow instead.  Especially since I am not working and only have one class.  Instead I spent the evening at my friend’s place to let our dogs play and get some energy out.  If I had the amount of energy that Tara has…wow!  I don’t even know what I would do!  They wrestled and ran around the apartment for about 3 hours (not to mention she had spent an hour running around at the dog park beforehand!).  Needless to say, I am just now (10:30) getting home and in bed and realized I haven’t yet updated the blog today. But here I am, and I’m going to attempt to summarize my training since my last workout update….

Friday – NROLW Stage 4 workout A

Saturday – Unintentional day off

Sunday – 7.2 mile run (treadmill)

Monday – NROLW Stage 4 workout B

Tuesday – Unintentional day off

Wednesday – NROLW Stage 4 workout A and 6.4 mile run

Thursday – Day off

Since this weekend is a relatively easy weekend, I figured it would be ok to do three days in a row of running if I do my workout in the morning tomorrow and afternoon/evening on Saturday and Sunday.  The plan calls for doing a 10K Saturday, but I was unable to find one back when I looked a few weeks ago.  I may try and find one tomorrow, or I’ll just run a 10K route against myself.  I’ve never run a 10K outside of the triathlon before, so I’d be curious to see how I did in a race.  Maybe I’ll try and find one on another weekend coming up.

By the way, this may be too much information, but I’m not going to be posting heart rate stats for the next few workouts at least.  My chest strap has been cutting into my chest and it’s quite painful!  I don’t really notice it when I’m actually working out, but afterward it stings really badly.  I’m hoping once it heals, I can figure out an arrangement that doesn’t cause any sores.

I mentioned in my super-short post yesterday that I’ve had a horrible eating week, and I have!  It’s been horrendous.  Even though I don’t talk about it often, proper nutrition is very important to me.  I try to eat intuitively, but keep my calories within the “enough but not too many” category, keep macronutrient ratios fairly stable, and eat as many fresh and whole foods as possible.  This week was a throwback to my pre-triathlon days of snacking without purpose and eating mindlessly.  I think this is mostly due to the fairly extreme schedule change, which I’m going to have to learn to work around.  Now that I’m taking classes, I no longer am able to cook oats at work every morning for breakfast and lunch is going to have to be on-the-run most days.  This weekend, I’m going to take some time to figure out a new plan for eating around my schedule for this semester.  I forget how much it throws me to not have a good food schedule in place for myself.  I think something like this might work:

@wakeup – breakfast

@ 10:25 – small snack on the go

@12:00 noon – lunch

@ 3:00 – afternoon snack/pre-workout

@ 6:30 – post-workout snack

@ 8:00 – dinner

I’m probably going to have to throw that out the window, but it might be a good start.  🙂


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  1. #1 by Amy on January 22, 2010 - 10:55 am

    Bummer about your strap. I’m just anxiously awaiting getting mine back from the Polar people … so we’re in opposite camps! Good luck with the food stuff. I’m sure once you get into a routine it’ll all be fine.

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