Cross Training?

Does downhill skiing count for cross-training this weekend?  We just found out that we have the opportunity to go to Timberline in West Virginia for the weekend and stay for free.  Since Curtis and I both LOVE to ski, and they’re getting decent snow this week, we could not pass it up.  Needless to say, I will not be doing my planned 8 mile run on Sunday.  And, I believe I set it as a goal to take my actual rest and cross training and not try to squeeze in extra workouts this year, so I am not even going to try and move it somewhere else! Crazy, I know.  I guess I’m going to fail at my 3-4 runs per week goal for this week, but I’m honestly not too worried about it.  My training has been stellar, and I can’t let it get in the way of my life! Can you tell I’m super-excited?!  We had limited ski time last year because we were saving vacation days for the wedding and didn’t have the opportunity to go on the weekend other than once (due to wedding planning activities).  It’ll be nice to get out on the slopes and have some downtime.  I’m really really interested to see if my increased leg strength from all my strength training, running and biking will impact my abilities.  I’m betting yes, but not sure since it’s not really specific and it’s been a year since I’ve been.  I’m planning to wear my heart rate monitor this weekend to see what the numbers are.

Anyways…back to your regularly scheduled program!

I went to mom’s tonight to do the first workout (A) of Stage 4 of NROLW, which is actually a throwback to Stage 2 with slightly different sets/reps/rest.  In this stage, there is the option of doing 2 or 3 sets.  Tonight I only did 2 because I wanted to finish quickly, but I think I’ll alternate between 2 and 3 every other week (if I say it here I’m obligated to do it, right?).  Here’s the workout:

A. Front squat / push press – 2 sets of 8 @ 65 lbs barbell with 90 s RI

B1. Step-up – 2 sets of 8 @ 25 lbs dumbbells with 90 s RI

B2. Dumbbell one-point row – 2 sets of 8 @ 25 lbs dumbbells with 90 s RI

C1. Static lunge, rear foot elevated – 2 sets of 8 @ 25 lbs dumbbells with 90 s RI

C2. Push-up – 2 sets of 8 @ BW with 90 s RI

D1. Plank – 2 sets of 120 s @ BW with 90 s RI  (Planks for 2 minutes = NOT FUN!)

D2. Cable horizontal wood chop – 2 sets of 8 @ mid-weight (~15 lbs?) exercise band with 90 s RI

(SIDE NOTE: My ‘g’ on my keyboard is broken and it’s driving me nuts…the key keeps popping off and getting stuck under the ‘f’.)


Duration – 35:57

Maximum Heart Rate – 179

Average Heart Rate – 137

Calories – 274

It was nice to workout with mom today, instead of fighting the testosterone-ful men at the gym for equipment.  Usually, I’m the only female anywhere near the free weights at the gym (other than the odd personal trainer working with a male client).  One night I was there, I actually counted 17+ men (I think there were more that were hidden behind columns/equipment) on the floor and I was the only woman.  The other gym that I used to go to had more female lifters, but still not many.  I wish more women would join the weight-lifting ranks and take control of the weight room.  One thing I have noticed, though, is that the men socialize just as much (if not more!) than women at my gym.  One guy even told me he had been there for 3 hours and probably only worked out for about 30 minutes because he had been talking.  Who has time for that?


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  1. #1 by Donna on January 7, 2010 - 10:47 am

    Hey! Thanks for your note. I don’t care how long comments are. I think it’s a great way to share info!

    My Coach said to get good sleep on Friday, but didn’t say I had to rest anymore than Saturday — but made it abundantly clear to stay off feet on Saturday.

    He also said sleep well on Friday so that just-in-case you don’t sleep well on Saturday, you won’t be totally down and out.

    There’s so much out there and people are very militant in their beliefs of what works because generally they promote what works for them. I think each of us needs to get a feel for what works. I know at one race I spent 6 hours on my feet volunteering on Saturday and had my best 2 runs ever during a du the following day… so you just never know!

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