January Goals (a little late)

Well, I forgot that I set a goal to write this months goals by Thursday or Friday last week. Better late than never! Before this month’s goals, though, I want to recap my yearly goals. I realized that I never organized them in an easy to read list in my post, so they may be hard to find later on.
1. Set monthly goals on the first of every month and check-in on progress on the last day of every month.
2. Complete a half-Ironman triathlon (signed up for Ironman 70.3 Timberman on August 22, 2010).
3. Complete 2 sprint or Olympic distance triathlons as part of the Virginia Triathlon Series.
4. Do a half-marathon (signed up for the Charlottesville half-Marathon on April 17, 2010).
5. Complete one training run of 20 miles.
6. Try one new workout class at the gym for a month.

I actually am having a bit of a hard time coming up with my goals for January. I think it’s because I’ve spent so much time these past few days thinking about the “big picture” for my fitness goals this year. Here goes…
1. Run a total of 80 miles by the end of the month.
2. Run 3-4 times per week, no more and no less.
3. Use my new bike trainer at least twice.
4. Join a local running or triathlon club, or both.

A note about the last goal- our area has both active Runners club and Triathlon club, both of which I’ve considered joining in the past. The running club does weekend runs on both Saturdays (~5 miles) and Sundays (~10 miles). Curtis and I ran with them once a couple of months ago on a Saturday. I’ve never done anything with the triathlon club, but I’ve been lurking on their email listserv for about a year now. They don’t seem to have a ton of organized training activities, but I am thinking about joining for the camaraderie and in hopes of finding some training partners. When I was in school (high school and college), I was part of a number of different clubs and groups, but for some reason, I have quite the mental block about it these days. I am going to overcome that this month and take the leap.

In training today, I did NROLW Stage 3 workout B. This is the last workout for Stage 3 and Wednesday starts Stage 4!

A. Barbell Romanian deadlift/Bent-over row – 3 sets of 6 @ 85 lbs with RI 105s
B1. Partial Single-leg squat – 3 sets of 6 @ BW with RI 105s
B2. Wide grip lat pulldown – 3 sets of 6 @ 80 lbs with RI 105s
C1. Back Extension – 3 sets of 6 @ 15 lbs with RI 105s
C2. YTWL – 3 sets of 6 @ 7.5 lbs DBs with RI 105s
D1. Swiss ball Crunch (Long-arm variation) – 3 sets of 6 @ 15 lbs with RI 105s
D2. Hip Flexion (incline reverse crunch) – 3 sets of 6 @ BW with RI 105s
D3. Lateral Flexion (Swiss-ball side crunch) – 3 sets of 6 @ BW with RI 105s
E. Prone Cobra – 3 sets of 90s @ BW with RI 105s

Heart Rate Stats:
Duration – 1:04:33
Maximum Heart Rate – 165
Average Heart Rate – 124
Calories – 407


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