100th Post!

Happy 100th Post-day to my blog!  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to 100!  It has been a great experience joining the blogging community.  There are so many amazing and inspiring people out there and I love to read your stories in your blogs.  I’m hoping to really be better about blogging this year than I have been in the last few months.  Now that I’m going to be getting back into the swing of training and I have set some real concrete goals for the year, I’ll be trying to keep up with recording my progress.  Right now, I’m working on refining my training schedule for the year.  I’ll be updating the training plan tab as I go.  Right now, it’s somewhat bare-bones and mostly taken from the training plan by Matt Lieto found here. I’m working from the Triathlete’s Training Bible to determine specific workouts and focus on my weaknesses in my plan.  For now, my plan is to focus mainly on running with weight training and minimal cross-training of cycling and swimming through April when I do my half-marathon.  For that, I’ve merged the Runner’s World half-marathon and marathon training plans to come up with a hybrid training plan.

Today was my first run of the new year.  The plan called for a 3-4 mile run, so Curtis and I headed to the gym this afternoon since it is frigid and windy outside here.  I did 3.25 miles running in about 35:30 in the following intervals:

0-.25 miles – 5.0 mph

.25-.5 miles – 5.2 mph

.5-.75 miles – 5.4 mph

.75-1.0 miles – 5.6 mph

1.0-1.25 miles – 5.8 mph

1.25-1.5 miles – 6.0 mph

1.5-1.75 miles -6.2 mph

1.75-2.0 miles -6.0 mph

2.0-2.25 miles – 5.8 mph

2.25-2.5 miles – 5.6 mph

2.5-2.75 miles – 5.4 mph

2.75-3.0 miles – 5.2 mph

3.0-3.2 miles – 5.0 mph

Heart rate stats (started and ended a little bit late):

Duration – 36:35

Average Heart Rate – 155

Maximum Heart Rate – 226 (I think this is a fluke – the numbers went all haywire at one point and I’m positive I did not even pass 180 as a max)

Calories – 342

After my run, I did a little bit of core work (true sit-ups and Russian twists with 12 lbs medicine ball), stretched out and called it a day.  It was nice to have this easy recovery day for a change.

Tomorrow is new shoe day and a 7-8 mile planned run.  I think I’ll go get fitted for new shoes in the morning and wear them for the run, but bring my old shoes in case there are any problems in that long of a run.  It will be on the treadmill, so at least I won’t risk ending up several miles from home with sore feet from new shoes.  Of course, I’m hoping that the shoe change helps me to avoid any sore feet problems during running now!


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  1. #1 by Amy on January 4, 2010 - 11:53 am

    Good luck with the new shoes! I have really liked using the tickers at the side, hope you do too!

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