New Year, New Goals

I made it to the gym tonight!  I spent about 80 minutes on the treadmill running 7.37 miles (odd distance, I know).  I think this is my farthest run to date!  I did the workout in my training plan, which was 3 miles followed by 3 x [2:00, 2:30] aerobic intervals (with the same amount of rest in between) and finished up with another 2 miles.  Here’s what I think I did, broken down in time increments:

0:00-5:00 – 5.0 mph

5:00-10:00 – 5.2 mph

10:00-15:00 – 5.5 mph

15:00-25:00 – 6.0 mph

25:00 – 32:30 – 5.2 mph

32:30-34:30 – 6.5 mph

34:30-36:30 – 5.2 mph

36:30-39:00 – 6.2 mph

39:00-41:30 – 5.2 mph

41:30-43:30 – 6.5 mph

43:30-45:30 – 5.2 mph

45:30-48:00 – 6.2 mph

48:00-50:30 – 5.0 mph

50:30-52:30 – 6.2 mph

52:30-54:30 – 5.0 mph

54:30-57:00 – 6.2 mph

57:00 – 80:?? – 5.0 mph

I don’t have heart rate data because I started my watch late and then left it running after I was done with my workout.  Also, I’m not sure how accurate the above intervals are, but they’re somewhat of any idea of what I did.  Now that that’s out of the way, on to my actual topic for today…Goal Setting

Usually I don’t make New Years resolutions.  They’ve always seemed so vague or unattainable to me (but maybe that’s just me!).  I do find it amusing to people watch at the gym through January and February and experience the noticeable dropoff of attendance around the beginning of March.  Is that because the weather is getting warmer or because of failed resolutions?  I digresss…

I do like goal-setting, though, and I think it may be helpful for me to set some goals for my training and fitness for the coming year.  I think I’ve talked about “SMART” goals before, but it’s been awhile so let’s revisit.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic
T – Timely

As one of the criteria is “timely,” I think that it will make more sense to have a few overarching year-long goals and many smaller monthly goals.  So, my first goal for the year is to set monthly goals and check-in on them here on the last day of each month.  🙂  I know a lot of you do this already, and it seems like a really great way to hold yourself accountable to keep up with your goals.  In this post, I’m going to focus on my year goals, and I’ll do another post on my month goals on Thursday or Friday. (<- That’s a goal too!)

Since this is a “triathlon training blog,” I can’t go on without developing some triathlon specific training goals.  I have a loosely conceptualized plan to complete an Ironman in 2012, and the first step of that is to finish a half-Ironman in 2010.  I’ve tentatively chosen Ironman 70.3 Timberman (due to the very compelling Amy), as I mentioned in my previous post.  It’s in August, which is a little earlier in the season than I had originally planned, but I definitely think it is doable.  I’m hoping that by not waiting till September as I did in 2009, I won’t hit that training burnout that I will inevitably encounter sometime in the fall.  In addition to the 70.3, I also want to complete at least 2 sprint or Olympic distance tris that are part of the Virginia Triathlon Series (VTS).

My major focus this year will be running.  Of the three sports, I have the greatest room for improvement in my running (followed closely by cycling with swimming a distant third).  I have gotten my endurance to the point where running 5-6 miles in a workout is no longer a distant dream, but a common occurance.  Now, I want to increase my mileage and be more diligent about speedwork (although this is secondary to improving endurance).  To attain running prowess, I aim to complete a half-marathon this spring (Charlottesville Half-Marathon in April) and complete at least one training run of 20 miles by the end of the year.  Hopefully, this will put me well on my way to completing a full marathon in 2011 (stage 2 of doing an Ironman in 2012).

As I mentioned, I have dealt with training burnout in the fall in the past.  I want to try and avoid that this year by keeping things interesting and ensuring to get adequate rest and recovery.  I have access to a number of workout classes at my gym that I’ve always wanted to try but never have.  This year, I want to try at least one workout class for a month.  This could be yoga or spinning or something else.  I just feel it’s time to try something new to break swim, bike, run, rinse and repeat cycle!

I’m hoping that these goals are all attainable.  I think they are, but I am drastically changing my life schedule this year starting in a couple of weeks.  I’ve decided to go back to school part-time and will begin taking classes 1/19.  My longterm career goal is to become a veterinarian, and in an effort to make my application more attractive, I’m going to take some upper level Biology and Chemistry classes that I did not have the space in my undergrad schedule to take.  My engineering degree has served me well, but I feel that if I don’t change something I’m going to get stuck in a rut and never be accepted to vet school.  I’m taking two classes and a lab and working part-time.  This move may make me even busier than I am now, but I’m hoping I can still make time for everything I aim to do.

What are your goals and resolutions for the new year?

  1. #1 by Amy on December 30, 2009 - 4:09 pm

    “One training run of 20 miles by the end of the year” … makes me tired just thinking about that! Good luck with your goals, I’m sure you can do it. And, like always, I look forward to hearing about it along the way.

    What half-marathon training plan are you using? I think I’m going to do one from Runner’s World…

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