Misty Run

I braved the weather to do my run today.  It wasn’t supposed to be raining any more, but there was still a misty light rain and gray sky to deal with.  The workout was supposed to be 2 miles, then 5-7 by 1:00 aerobic intervals followed by another 2 miles.  I forgot to map out a route beforehand, so just went by time to gauge the distance, running a little more than 20 minutes for each of the 2 mile portions.  Supposedly, I did just over 5.1 miles, but it definitely felt longer.  It was really hard to keep going and not finding an excuse to stop and walk.  I have noticed some little indications that my body is not as used to running as it had been before the tri.  My left ankle has born the brunt, and gets quite sore.  I am pretty sure this is just a conditioning issue, and will get better.  I also think I might need some new shoes.


Duration – 1:16:51

Calories – 611

Max Heart Rate – 189

Average Heart Rate – 139

Maybe I’ll do some yoga tomorrow for my workout since I’m not lifting this week.  Not sure when I’m going to get to run on Thursday, but hopefully will work it out.

  1. #1 by Tricia on November 29, 2009 - 6:45 pm

    Good job getting out there in yucky weather!

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