Friday morning, I woke up early when my cat jumped on my head and the dog was being crazy.  I swear, my house is a zoo in the mornings if I’m not up when they want me up!  As a result, Tara and I got to take a nice long 40 minute walk to get both of us some good exercise before work.  I did not manage to drink my full 80 ounces Friday or Saturday.  I was quite busy at work on Friday with a meeting and didn’t have chance to refill my bottle in the afternoon.

Yesterday (Saturday), I went for a run (with Tara, of course!).  We left the house just before dark and ran for about 45 minutes and about 4 miles and walked for an additional 15 minutes.  I’m trying to slowly increase my mileage back to where I was at the triathlon, but I’m finding that I haven’t lost much endurance fitness.  I’m definitely slower than I was, but I feel pretty good after getting through the first 10-15 minutes.  I’m really glad to be getting back in the groove.  I need to stop using the early sunset as an excuse from running.  The roads around me are fairly well lit, and with the dog, I feel very safe (even though she’s a big teddy bear!).  I do have heart rate stats, but I’ll have to look them up and add them later today.


Duration – 1:00

Calories – 617

Max Heart rate – 187

Average Heart rate – 162

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