Challenge updates

I’ve not been following through on my challenge to blog more frequently.  I only made it through Tuesday last week!  I really need to get better about this.  Luckily, I’ve been keeping track of my water and exercise minutes in my planner, and I did meet my goals of 80 oz of water each day and 320 exercise minutes for the week.  I did not do well with my exercise plan last week at all.  I’ve just been so lazy about running lately!  I’m still lifting though, so at least that’s something.  The only thing that got me up to the full 320 minutes was a long hike on Saturday at Great Falls park.  It was a gorgeous fall day, so we took the dog and met up with some friends and their dog for a three hour hike and picnic lunch.

Tonight, I was feeling really tired, so my lifting workout was not fantastic.  I did stage 2 workout A tonight:

A. Front squat / push press – 2 sets of 10 @ 55 lbs with 75s RI

B1. Step-ups – 2 sets of 10 @ 25 lbs DBs with 75s RI

B2. Dumbbell one-point row – 1 set of 10 @ 25 lbs DBs and 1 set of 10 @ 22.5 lbs with 75s RI

C1. Static lunge with rear foot elevated – 2 sets of 10 @ 25lbs DBs with 75s RI

C2. Push-ups – 2 sets of 10 @ BW with 75s RI

D1. Plank – 2 sets of 60s @ BW with 75s RI

D2. Modified horizontal wood chop – 2 sets of 10 @ 22.5lbs DB with 75s RI

I forgot my watch and heart rate monitor, so I have no stats for tonight.  I did run .8 mile before lifting as a warm-up also.

Tomorrow, I’d really like to try and go for an actual run.  I think 3 miles is a reasonable distance to get into it.  If the weather is as warm as it has been, I’ll take the dog and see what we can do outside.

Oh! And my foam roller has improved my knee pain tremendously!  I still should probably visit a doctor, but I’m being so lazy about it and I haven’t really had any trouble lately.  I’m going to just keep monitoring it for now, and if it starts to give me problems again, then I’ll definitely make an appointment.  I would hate to have it get worse and not be able to follow through with the half-marathon and half-Ironman next year.

Have a great week!

  1. #1 by Missy on November 10, 2009 - 11:11 am

    Great job hitting both of your goals! I couldn’t quite get all 320 minutes of exercise in last week. This week I swear ;o)

    Have a great week!

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