When Life Gives You Lemons…

…make lemonade?

Hello from Ottawa!  It seems that everything is working against me these days when I’m trying to train!  When I first booked my hotel, I made sure that there was a workout room so I would be able to keep up with my training.  Tonight, after checking in and settling into my room, I headed down to check it out.  Well, it consists of an ancient elliptical-looking thing and a recumbent bike, along with a couple of mats on the floor and something with padding that I’ve never seen before.  Oh, and it was about 95ºF in there because it was attached to the pool/sauna room and not air conditioned.  I decided to risk it with the elliptical, because I wanted to run and felt like that would be closer to running than the bike.  As soon as I got on it, I began to worry it was going to fall apart at any moment.  I couldn’t deal with it, so I decided to try out the recumbent bike.  I got on and got off after about a minute.  I felt like I was in a workout funk.

After the failed attempt at using the “fitness center,” I decided that I would just go back to my air conditioned room and do body weight strength exercises instead.  All these metaphorical lemons led me to a decent BW workout that I’ll be able to use again.  (I borrowed the “body weight matrix” from the NROLW, but instead of resting did some upper body and core work in between sets).  Here’s the workout:

Body weight matrix: 24 squats, 12 lunges each leg, 12 jump lunges, and 24 jump squats

2 x Bench dips @ 15 reps

2 x Push-ups @ 10 reps

2 x Plank @ 90 seconds

2 x Leg lifts @ 15 reps

Repeat Body weight matrix

I’m actually pretty exhausted right now, so normally I would probably be able to do more.  But, I fell asleep on the plane and my eyes are very droopy, so I’m not on top of my game.   I’m glad there is no time change for this trip, and I’m hoping tomorrow is better.  Maybe someone will be able to point me to a good place to run outside while I’m here.  I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to put up with a full workout in the “fitness center.”

I’m starting to get really worried that I won’t be ready for the Oly in September, especially with all these setbacks.  I think I’m going to have to increase the intensity quite a bit to play some catch-up.  I have to make sure I don’t over do it though, too much training and not enough recovery won’t help either!


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  1. #1 by Amy on July 30, 2009 - 9:48 am

    I know exactly how you feel about the Olympic in September, believe me. I know you’ll be fine, most of it’s mental, so it’s all about believing in yourself!!

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