Vacation Workouts

As most of you have no doubt figured out, I am getting married this weekend! I am so excited for the day, but even more excited for our honeymoon in Fiji! We have a great trip planned for the next few weeks, full of diving, hiking, kayaking, and of course, relaxing!

However, I am a bit worried that my fitness is going to suffer, despite some cross training outside of the tri sports. And when I get back I’m only going to have 9 weeks until Nation’s Triathlon, my first Oly! My trainer had put together a list of simple lifting exercises to do while on vacation. Here is the basics (with some additions/modifications by me):

1. Push-ups

2. Bicycle Crunches

3. Shoulder press using piece of luggage

4. Squats (variations)

5. Alternating reverse lunges (really any lunges)

6. Bench dips on the edge of a chair

7. One leg hip thrust on each leg (for core and hamstrings)

8. Pilates plank (variations)

And I’m going to make an effort to do as much swimming and running as possible, but since I’m not traveling with my bike, I’m especially worried about that part.

Anybody have good workouts to do while traveling? I’d love some suggestions for variation, especially since it looks like I’m probably going to be traveling to Canada for work shortly after returning from Fiji too.  I don’t want to get bored!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. #1 by Amy on June 19, 2009 - 12:39 pm

    First – Best Wishes to you!
    Second – Don’t stress about the workouts! You’ve got a great base and you’ll be fine even if you do take at easy for a while.
    Third – As far as the workouts go, I would try to take advantage of as much open water swimming (in warm water) as you possibly can. Even if you only go for a 10 or 20 minute swim, it will be really beneficial.
    Hope everything goes smoothly at the wedding. Just remember to be happy and not stress about the details. Even if you think something has gone wrong, 99% of the people there won’t know!

  2. #2 by Kathy Kluthe on June 29, 2009 - 4:45 pm

    I’m a little late with this but best wishes!! Hope the wedding went well and you enjoyed/are enjoying your honeymoon. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll come back with more energy and strength than before.

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