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I must be crazy

After my workout (which I’ll get to in a bit) I stopped by the running store and Trader Joe’s.  I decided to break the rule of “not introducing anything new during race week”, and I bought elastic shoelaces.  I haven’t definitely decided to use them yet, I’ll try them out tomorrow to see how they feel.  I don’t really want to have to worry about tying my shoes on Saturday, so if things go smoothly, I’m probably going to go for it.  My other exciting purchase of the day was Luna bars from Trader Joe’s.  They sell them for only $.99 per bar!  And they let you buy them by the box at that price.  I haven’t found anywhere else where they are less than $1.25 per bar.  I bought a box of S’mores (my favorite) and a box of Chocolate Peppermint Stick.  Yay for good deals!

For training tonight, I made up my own swim workout because I forgot to generate a workout on swimplan before I left for the pool.  I decided to do a 2000 yard workout instead of swimming for the set time of 60 minutes.  I tried to really focus on making sure my breathing was even and I didn’t get out of breath at any time.  My biggest problem with breathing is that I turn my head too far out of the water, so I lose a little time with every breath.  Since I breath every third stroke, this adds up.  I’ve gotten a lot better this season, but it’s something I need to continue to improve.  I also wanted to do some sighting drills to prepare for the race and to test out my plan to sight every 6 strokes.  What I came up with was this:


200yd Freestyle

Main Set:

2 x 200yd Freestyle with fins (0:15 RI)

2 x 200yd Freestyle with pull buoy (0:15 RI)

8 x 50yd (2 x (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breastroke, Freestyle)) (0:15 RI)

4 x 100yd (2 x Sighting every 6th stroke) (0:15 RI)

Cool Down:

200yd Freestyle SLOW

You can probably tell that I LOVE swimming other strokes.  In high school, I swam butterfly and the 500m freestyle.  Part of the reason I first decided to compete in triathlon was that I missed swimming competitively, but I didn’t really know how to get back into it.  Now, I’m obsessed with triathlon and I’ve gotten this crazy idea in my head.

I want to do a half-Ironman. Next year.

Crazy, right?  I haven’t even gotten through the Sprint this weekend or the Oly this fall and I’m already thinking about the next big thing.  I won’t have to make a decision for awhile, but the idea is planted in my brain.  The distances are 1.2 mile (1.9 km) Swim, 56 mile (90 km) Bike, and 13.1  mile (21 km) Run.  I know I can do the swim distance, and I would choose one in the fall of 2010, which I think would give me plenty of time to double my current bike and run endurance.  Hmm..sounds feasible.  It would be a huge step and I’d really have to work hard to get to it, but I think I can do it.  I want to do it.

Eek!  It makes me all jittery to think about it!

Oh, and there’s 4 more days till the Sprint!


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