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I still got it

YEAH!  I had an awesome swim workout today.  I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been unimpressed with the workouts in the training plan.  Earlier this season, I had been using to generate swim workouts for me.  It’s really great because it’s free and you can customize the plan based on what strokes you want to swim and what equipment you have.  I chose to do an old workout that I generated back in February because it had a 1500 yard set.  I also wore my wetsuit again today, and got even more funny looks than last time!  I felt awesome in the water- fast, smooth, and strong.  I’m only giving some of the credit to the extra buoyancy from my wetsuit. 🙂  The full workout was 3200 yards in under 60 minutes…


8 x 50 yard Freestyle swim, 0:15 Rest Interval (RI)

4 x 50 yard Choice (50yd one-arm Butterfly, 50yd Backstroke, 50yd Breastroke, 50yd Freestyle), 0:15 RI

Build-up (Repeat 6 times)

1 x 50 yard Single Arm Freestyle (6 x left, 6 x right, 6 full stroke), 0:10 RI

1 x 50 yard Streamline Kick, 0:10 RI


1 x 1500 yard Freestyle swim, target time 28:30, 0:60 RI

6 x 50 yard Any stroke (50yd one-arm Butterfly, 50yd Backstroke, 50yd Breastroke, 50yd Freestyle,  50yd one-arm Butterfly, 50yd Backstroke), 0:10 RI

Cool Down

4 x 50 yard Easy Any stroke (50yd Breastroke, 3 x 50yd Freestyle), 0:15 RI

I decided to time myself on the 1500yd so that I would have an idea of what to expect for next weekend.  I checked the split for my first 750yd and it was 11:11:16, wow!  That’s a little faster than 1:30 per 100yds.  My second 750yds was even faster- 10:27:66, which is 1:24 per 100yds.  My total time (if you’re keeping track) was 21:28:82 for the 1500yds.  The thing of it is, I knew from the moment I started my workout that I was going to have a killer day.  I don’t know what it was, but today was my day for swimming.  Next Saturday, I’m going to own the swim.

8 more days.



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