I AM Ready

What a gross, rainy day!  At least the weekend was nice.  Today was a weight training day and I also moved the brick workout that I was supposed to do Saturday to today.  I was feeling pretty unathletic throughout the day today and really didn’t feel like working out.  I think it probably had something to do weather combined with the fact that I hadn’t really done any training over the weekend.  Once I started moving, all that went away and I felt strong.

Here’s the workout…

Core (2 sets of each):

Holding your legs straight up, lower them to the left or right side (alternating), then lift and touch your toes

“Can opener” crunches, with both legs off the ground, extend right and bend your left knee, then do crunches touching right elbow to left knee and vice versa

Tucks – just as they sound, extend your legs and upper body then tuck in

Main sets (2 sets of each):

Standing downward row

Bicep curls

Shoulder shrugs

Lat Pulldown

Squat push-press

Straight-arm lifts

Single-leg hamstring curls

Chest press

French press (I am terrible at these!)

Rotator cuff while doing a wall sit

Legs (1 set after every 2 sets in main):

4 sets squats with a reverse lunges alternating legs

4 sets of “bounce” squats – 30 per set

After weight training, I did my brick workout.  I was supposed to do a full hour of riding and a half hour of running, but I cut both in half.  So, I rode for 30 minutes on the stationary bike, staying in zones 1/2 and keeping my cadence at about 90 cycles per minute.  With about 5-10 minutes left of cycling, I increased my cadence to prepare for the run.  After completing about 9 miles of biking (I forgot to check the exact distance), I got on the treadmill and ran a little over 1.5 miles in the 15 minutes at 1% incline.  Then I walked for a bit to cool-down and stretched out really well.

While I was biking, this older gentleman who I see often at the gym came up to me to say hi and see how my workout was going.  He knows that I’m training for a tri and asked when it was, then when he knew it was only 2 weeks away, asked if I’m ready.  Without even thinking about it, I said, “Yes, I AM!”  I couldn’t even believe I answered with such resounding confidence!  Thinking about it, though, I DO think I’m ready with 12 days to go!  I have no doubts that I’ll finish and finish stronger than my previous attempt.  Not only is my fitness about where I want it to be, but I have all my equipment ready to go, I tried out the bike segment of the race course, and I’ve almost got my nutrition planned out for the day.  I’m way ahead of the game compared to my last attempt at this tri.  I AM ready.  I CAN do this.


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  1. #1 by Amy on April 21, 2009 - 7:02 pm

    Holy smokes! I didn’t realize that your triathlon was so soon! I’m sure that you are ready. Good luck!!

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