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Kicking it into Gear

I was really hoping the day would brighten up so that I could take a ride outside after work.  It was pretty overcast all day, and by the time I left work around 6PM there were still enough clouds that  I didn’t think I’d have enough time to get in a full ride before it got dark.  I ended up at the gym on the stationary bike and did 65 minutes in zone 1/2 at a cadence of 95+.  After finishing my cardio, I stretched out and did some ab work- pilates plank, side plank, and some full extension crunches.  I feel strong today- quite an improvement from yesterday!

I should mention that I’m “starting” a new training plan.  I say that because I’m starting at week 4 of any 8-week training plan.  I just finished a 12-week plan in time for my race on 3/29 and I needed something to tide me over till May.  I purchased two books last week: The Woman Triathlete and Joe Friel’s The Triathlete’s Training Bible.  I’ve haven’t gotten to the Training Bible yet, but I’m almost done with the Woman Triathlete.  There are a few training plans in it and I decided to try out the last five weeks of the Intermediate Sprint training plans to really kick it into gear for the Sprint in May.  I’m really hoping it’s going to help with my running speed.  Right now, that’s my biggest concern.  There are also some speed workouts in Triathlete magazine to do on the treadmill that I may try and incorporate.  I’m starting to get really excited and nervous about doing this tri again.  Last time, two years ago, it was my very first tri and I did not prepare nearly well enough.  It showed!  I finished at the very back of the pack.  This year I have much loftier goals to be competitive in my age group and take off a significant amount of time from my previous race.

I may be able to take a spin through the race course over Easter weekend.  My aunt and uncle have a place down at the lake and I’m really hoping things work out to take the bikes down and see how they do on the hills!  I’ll definitely update either way.



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