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Whew…I am wiped out.  Running + weight training + swimming = one tired triathlete!  After work today, I rushed to the gym to try and get there before 5:00 so I could run for 45 minutes before training.  I didn’t end up getting on the treadmill till 5:15, but thought I could still get in a good workout with a couple of speed intervals.  I did a 10-minute mile to warm-up and then kicked up the speed on the treadmill to do some speed work.  The plan was to do four repeats of 4 minutes at zone 4/5 followed by a 1 minute rest interval.  After one minute at a 7-minute mile pace, I knew there was no way I could finish the full four minutes today.  So, I reduced speed a little bit every minute till I was back down to my 10-minute mile pace after 5 minutes.  I continued running for a while, and did a total of 2.1 miles in 20 minutes.  For the last 10 minutes until training, I walked on the treadmill at an increasing incline to keep my heart rate up for a bit longer.  I’m disappointed I couldn’t do my planned speed work today.   I think I’m going to try and work in some during my long weekend run.  I think part of the problem today was a lack of proper nutrition all day long.  I usually eat multiple times through out the day, but right now I don’t have a good stock of snacks at work.  Today, I had oatmeal for breakfast, then leftover Thai, hummus and carrots, and a Clif bar for lunch, and then another Clif bar as a pre-workout snack.  I usually try to eat a lot more whole foods than bars and sports drinks type things, but right now I am hooked on these Clif bars, and I don’t think it’s doing much for me!

Training went quite a bit better than the run, so maybe I can’t chalk it all up to my lack of whole foods today.  Next week is a cardio-only week, and I can push the running then when I’m not still sore from the massive quantities of jump squats.  Luckily, we didn’t have any squat sets today!  Here’s the workout…


1 set of leg/head lift

1 set of sit-ups with one leg extended and off the ground and the other leg bent with foot on the ground, we switched legs a few times during the set

1 long set of flutter kicks with heads up

1 set of bicycles

Main sets (2 sets of each):

Sit-ups on an inclined bench (tough!)

Seated chest press

Bicep curls with bands

Standing shoulder press

Bench dips

Hamstrings (lying facedown on a mat, hold a stability ball on your legs and squeeze heels into the ball for 5 second reps)

Upright row (30lbs barbell)

Row with one arm in each set (this was at a bench, with one knee and one hand on the bench and the other lifting the 20lbs dumbbell)

Legs (one set in between each of the “main” exercises):

2 sets of reverse lunges alternating legs

6 sets of reverse lunges on one leg and raising a knee after each (switch legs half-way)

wall sit

After training, I did some swimming.  The first few hundred meters (300m freestyle warm-up) were not very smooth, but I started to get into a rhythm by the second set (300m freestyle kick with fins).  The rest of the swim workout went pretty well, I did another 300m (with a pull-buoy) to finish warming up then 8 x 100m (15 second rest intervals) of various strokes and drills followed by a 300m freestyle swim to cool-down.  I really had some fun with the 100s, which were: 1. IM, 2. Backstroke, 3. Breaststroke, 4. Freestyle, 5. One-arm drill (alternating right/left on each 25m), 6. Freestyle, 7. Fist drill, and 8. Freestyle.  I get really bored swimming freestyle all the time, and even though I’d never swim anything other than Freestyle in a race, I think doing other strokes and lots of drills are excellent for making me a stronger swimmer.  I’m glad I ended strong with my swimming workout because I was pretty discouraged after my running start.  Hopefully next week will be better!

I almost forgot to mention that I got a new Triathlete magazine today, and it looks like it’s all about nutrition!  Quite fitting, I think since I’m in a rut over that right now.  Triathlete always has great information, so now I’m going to go bury myself in it to see what they have to say this month. 🙂


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