TNT Monday

On a whim I decided to try out this program at my gym in January.  I had seen advertising for TNT and always been moderately interested, but never went any farther than thinking about it.  But when I got an email saying that I could try out two sessions for free, I thought why not?  Now, I’m hooked.  Seriously.  I haven’t missed a session in the past 8 weeks.  The program is designed for people who want to obtain great fitness, but may need some direction and for whatever reason don’t want to hire a personal trainer.  It’s basically two sessions of weight training with a trainer per week with a small group of 2-8 people.  There’s also a cardio script and nutrition guidelines, but  I rarely use the cardio script as my tri training provides more than enough cardio to meet the goal of 4 hours per week.  Also, I’m not trying to lose weight and I have fairly healthy eating habits so I don’t use the nutrition guidelines.  Even without all that, in the first six weeks of the program, I lost 0.8% body fat, which tells me that it is definitely working!

Yesterday was the first session of week 9 of the training session (they run in 13-week cycles).  I usually go Monday and Wednesdays from 5:45 to 6:30, but had plans at 7:00 last night, so I went to the 5:00 session.  Each workout has the same basic structure, starting with Pilates-based core exercises followed by the main workout of arms/upper body weight lifting alternated with some type of legs (usually squats or lunges).  Sets are based on time instead of repetitions, which makes it difficult for me to remember exactly how many reps at what weight we do each exercise.  Megan (the trainer) keeps us moving through each set and there’s little (if any) rest between sets, which usually alternate between legs and upper body.  Right now we’re only doing one set of each exercise, but we’ll probably switch back to two sets in a couple of weeks.  The program typically alternates every few weeks so that your body is constantly having to adjust and learn to adapt.  Also, Megan is really good about choosing the right weights for each person.  The goal is to be at or near muscle failure by the end of each set and she makes sure that you reach that point!

I think I remember everything from yesterday’s workout, so here it is…


2 sets of Russian twists with an 8lbs medicine ball alternated with V-ups with the medicine ball

1 set skewed push-ups (one hand is slightly higher than the other, switched hands on the second half)

1 set of leg circles in both directions

Main weights (one set of each):

Shoulder press

Rotator cuff with bands and balancing on one leg with eyes closed (this is a lot harder than it looks at first, it’s amazing how much balance you get from your sight)

Upright row with a crossed band

Seated row

Hamstring curls

Chest press

Assisted pull-ups

Bench dips with feet on a Bose ball

Bicep curls

Squat and shrug with 15lbs dumb bells

Legs (one set in between each of the “Main” weights sets):

Regular squats (1-2 sets)

10 seconds holding a squat followed by 10 seconds of jump squats followed by holding a squat for another 10 seconds (~4 sets)

Jump squats (~4 sets)

My shoulders and butt are a little sore today, but it’s a good kind of soreness.  Mondays are my cardio rest day, so I only did the weight training and will do some cardio today.  Curtis’s dad is in town today, so we’re all going to go for a run tonight after work.  I’m so excited that the weather is finally starting to feel like spring!  I have been getting major cabin fever working out at the gym all the time.  It’s supposed to get up to 60 degrees today, so running outside is going to be a great treat.   I’m hoping to get in some speed intervals or hills, but I’m not sure where we’re running yet.  Stay tuned…more later after the run!


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